[20:20] <davidgomes> a sec XoDeus
[20:20] <davidgomes>
[20:21] <shnatsel> XoDeus: do you have a fresh install, or you have something valuable set up on your system?
[20:22] <XoDeus> Its fresh, so i could start over…
[20:22] <shnatsel> XoDeus: good, it’s easy then
[20:22] <shnatsel> XoDeus: run this in terminal:
[20:22] <shnatsel> sudo apt-get install bzr
[20:22] <shnatsel> bzr branch lp:elementaryos
[20:23] <shnatsel> (ignore RabbitBot for now)
[20:23] <shnatsel> elementaryos/ –configure-installed
[20:23] <shnatsel> XoDeus: that will transform your Ubuntu into an unstable and poorly integrated version of elementary Luna 🙂
[20:24] <shnatsel> XoDeus: then you’ll have to install compizconfig
[20:25] <XoDeus> Luna is the testing release of elementary?
[20:25] <shnatsel> XoDeus: log out, click the gear, choose Pantheon session, log back in, open CompizConfig and disable Unity plugin
[20:25] <shnatsel> XoDeus: not even close to testing, in terms of integration at least
[20:26] <shnatsel> XoDeus: apps are not feature-complete, but they don’t crash
[20:27] <XoDeus> Oh, it so fresh

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